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Serving All of San Diego County

Why Your Windows Need Extra Care in Beachside Air

San Diego's housing market is very competitive, and those coveted beachside and cliffside communities are among the top places for bidding wars. These homes benefit from the seabreezes that make the weather so mild, and they have beautiful views and front-row seats for those classic Southern California sunsets.

However, living by the beach also means dealing with the effects of a salty, humid, and sandy environment. You might not see your house suffer larger effects daily, but eventually, you'll notice that the house doesn't look so hot, especially the windows.

You can help get rid of the salt and sand that can collect on your home by cleaning the windows and sides of the house on a regular basis. All houses, regardless of location, benefit from regular cleaning, but if you live near the beach, you have to take extra care and have the windows cleaned more often.

Aluminum Corrosion

If you have aluminum window frames, either the ones that go with the old single-pane windows (still extremely common in San Diego) or newer aluminum frames on dual-pane windows, the salty air can react with the aluminum and cause corrosion. You may see pitting or what looks like dark patches on the frame.

You will want to regularly wash the frames to remove any salt that's been deposited. While corrosion will always be a potential issue in your situation, the cleaning gives you a better chance of keeping those frames in good shape.

Corrosion is a bigger problem than many people realize. One little pit might not be visible from the street, but if you let a lot of corrosion form, your windows will look dingy and old, no matter what their real age is.

Glass Pitting

Windy days often send sand flying, and while you might not have a full-blown sandstorm invading your neighborhood, you definitely get more than a few grains flung toward your house. The repeated impacts from those tiny grains leave their marks-literally.

The glass in your window can end up with small pits that eventually make the view out the window look duller than before. When direct sunlight is shining in through the window, the pits can also create glare. The small pits may not seem to make much difference from far away, but up close, the glass can look horrible.

Cleaning the windows regularly allows you to keep a closer eye on what's happening with the glass in the windows. It might be unreasonable to expect you to replace glass over a few tiny pits, and cleaning the windows won't stop sand pitting, but if you regularly clean the windows, you'll see where the really bad spots are before they get too bad. If anything, you'll have more notice regarding when those windows might really need replacement.

Gunk Buildup

Salt and sand flying toward your house, especially on humid days, leads to layers of gunk forming on your frames and on the glass. San Diego's humidity might not be like what you'd find in the southeast U.S., but during those weeks when remnants of tropical systems head up into Southern California, or when the monsoon moisture from the desert makes its way west over the mountains, the air gets noticeably sticky.

That sticky air and moisture from the ocean also helps the salt and sand adhere to your house. You could see what looks like dirt all over the frames and glass, or you could see whitish mineral-type stains on the glass (those are patches of crusty old salt).

It isn'n't easy to wash off salt buildup, and it usually requires professional equipment. This is where  A-Plus Window Cleaning can help you. We can clean the exterior and interior of your windows and frames, protecting them from the salt, sand, and moisture that can make your house look shabby.

It's easier to remove the gunk when there isn't much there to begin with. Call to set up a consultation and discuss a schedule of cleaning appointments that would work for you. Keep those fantastic views and that curb appeal by keeping your windows neat and clean.‚Äč