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Serving All of San Diego County

Use Pressure Washing to Maintain an Attractive Vacation Rental

When you live in a home that you own, you may not always feel obligated to keep the home spotless. Postponing your cleaning day will not lead to problems, but this is not something that you can do when you manage a vacation rental and have guests coming and going regularly.
You may be comfortable handling cleaning responsibilities between guests, but you will need to deep clean the property every month or two to maintain a clean and attractive rental. If you do not have the equipment or cleaning supplies to handle deep cleaning, you can get professional help. A routine of professional cleaning with pressure washing will streamline the management of your vacation rental.
Vacation Home
Backyard Features
When you rent out the entire home, guests will have the freedom and confidence to explore the whole property, including the backyard. While your cleaning efforts should keep the backyard looking presentable, you will still need a thorough cleaning of backyard features on occasion.
An excellent example is the fencing in your backyard. You want to eliminate mildew, dirt stains and general discoloration that will happen when a fence has not been cleaned in a long time.
If you have sturdy patio furniture that you provide for your guests, you should not hesitate to have them pressure washed after removing the covers. At the same time, you can have the patio cover and flooring pressure washed to make sure the backyard living space looks flawless.
A driveway and garage that your guests can use is helpful for vehicle protection. If multiple parties are driving separate cars, the driveway will likely be used for parking. This means that over time, some oil stains are likely to develop from leaking vehicles. Because you will not be present to clean each stain right away, pressure washing will help tremendously.
The siding takes up so much of your home's exterior that it needs to be clean to make an excellent impression on guests. This means you will need to get pressure washing for the siding. Because a pressure washer has such a long reach, even two-story homes can be cleaned with relative ease.
A huge part of keeping the home clean is providing perfect windows. The great thing about window cleaning is that it usually includes cleaning all the screens that are on them. This is a crucial service because dirt buildup on these screens can reduce the impact of clean windows.
The idea of cleaning windows on the second story may not be something that you look forward to, but professional cleaners will often handle this responsibility without extra charges. This perk is one way that you will have an easier time maintaining a clean and profitable vacation rental.
Solar Panels
In San Diego, the sun comes out for an average of 263 days per year, so you may have felt confident investing in a solar panel system with the intention of long-term payback. But those solar panels need to be clean to make sure they are generating energy at maximum efficiency.
When you are getting all the other cleaning services to present a beautiful home, you should also have the solar panels cleaned to provide an efficient home that minimizes energy costs. This service will save you from investing in a tall ladder, long pole and cleaning brushes.
Vacationers that stay in a clean and beautiful home are more likely to leave positive reviews, which will lead to more guests and additional income. Contact our experts at A-Plus Window Cleaning if you have any questions or want to get deep cleaning service for your vacation rental.