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Serving All of San Diego County

Kids, Windows, and the Need fora Professional Clean

Your children enrich your life every day - they've totally changed your life, including what you have in your home and how you take care of it. Even though you make every effort to keep your home clean, fingerprints on windows, smudges on mirrors and spills just about everywhere abound.

While vacuuming up the dirt your kids track in and wiping finger paint off the kitchen counter doesn't require a professional, keeping your glass (including windows and mirrors) clean may take the hand of an expert.

Why pick a professional windows cleaning company to handle your child-related glass issues? Take a look at the benefits that a pro brings when it comes to making sure your home's windows and mirrors are clean.

Taking Time Off

Every day is a marathon of carpools, soccer games, swimming practices, lunches, dinners, bath times, and taking care of your whole house. Why add one more task to your daily to-do list when you don't have to? You could hire a general cleaning service and ask them to take care of your windows and mirrors too. This certainly reduces your cleaning time and frees you up to do other things, such as spend quality time with your family.

But a general cleaner may not know how to care for your home's glass correctly. This can result in streaks, smears and even more work for you. A professional cleaning company that specializes in windows and other types of glass can give you back time - that is, precious time to spend with your children and family.

Using Correct Cleaners

Which cleaners are the right ones to use with your glass? What about with your mirrors? You have concerns about the chemicals that go in and around your home. Now that you're a mother or a father you want the best for your children. And that includes reducing the toxicity around them.

A DIY approach to cleaning your windows and mirrors can result in the misuse of potentially hazardous chemicals. If you aren't sure which cleaners work for your glass, and which ones also work for your family, a pro can guide you through the cleaning process. The window and mirror cleaning experts know which products and methods give your glass the clear shine you're looking for, without putting the kids at risk.

Beyond that, think about where you store your cleaning products. Can the kids get to them? Even if you think that your top-shelf cabinet is too high for your tot to reach, accidents can happen. A bottle of cleaner could fall out, or your child could figure out how to climb up high. Hiring professional cleaners mean that they bring the products to you. After they complete the job, they take the cleaning items with them. This means that there are no chemicals left behind for the kids to get into.

Fixing Major Messes

Kids have a way of making messes that you could never even imagine a human creating. The tempera paint and glue that your preschooler is using to craft with is suddenly strewn across your family room windows. Now you're not sure what to do. You wipe the windows with water. But it only smears the mess around. You try a glass cleaner. But that doesn't work either.

A professional glass cleaning service has the know-how to get tough messes out, giving you back your pristinely clean windows. Whether your kids just made a major mess (and your windows or mirrors got in the way) or the mess has dried on to your glass, this is something you shouldn't tackle on your own.

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