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Serving All of San Diego County

4 Health Benefits of Clean Windows

Having clean windows inside and outside your home not only looks nice, but there are many health benefits you and your family can enjoy as well. A window cleaning service can provide you with spic and span windows and leave you feeling more comfortable in your home as well. If you haven't had your windows professionally attended to by a window cleaning service, here are just a few reasons why adding this necessity to your home maintenance to-do list is a great idea.
Allergen Reduction
Swipe your finger along just one of your windowsills and take a good look. All that dirt and debris you see on your skin is just a fraction of the allergens you have present in your home. Dust, hair, skin dander, pollen, and other allergens gathering on your windowsills in and outside your home can make you and your family sick. Signs of allergies include:
  • Headache
  • Itchy eyes
  • Coughing/sneezing
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Runny nose
You can greatly reduce the impact of allergens and the effects they have on your family by having your windows professionally cleaned by a window cleaning service.
Spider Control
Spiders, such as Sac or Jumping spiders, are known inhabitants of windows due to the privacy they have and the ready meals they can capture when flies and other insects climb on your window screens. These spiders create webs to catch their prey in the corners and underneath your windowsills. These webs are both unsightly and a potential biting hazard when they are disturbed. You can prevent spider bites and keep spiders from building nests in your windows by cleaning your windows on a regular basis.
Mold Prevention
Mold loves a moist, warm place to call home and condensation in your windows can create just the atmosphere dangerous mold needs to thrive. You can tell if you have mold on your windowsills by the dark brown or black spots or stains on your windows and along windowsills. In some cases, mold is almost undetectable since it thrives between the glass and the casing on the inner part of your window as well. Mold can cause dangerous respiratory infections, make allergies worse, and can be very difficult to remove.
It's best to contact a window cleaning service to eradicate mold from your windows rather than attempt to clean the fungi off yourself. Using special chemicals and a power-washing method, a professional window cleaning service can get rid of the mold and show you ways you can keep your windows dry to prevent re-infestation.
Potential Dangers
To the naked eye, your windows may seem in great condition. When your window cleaning service arrives, they check your windows for any sign of pre-existing damage they need to let you know about, which can include loose or broken casings, rotting windowsills, or even loose windows or cracked glass.
Falls from windows are a very real danger in the home with over 5,000 admitted cases a year, and they are often caused by old or faulty windows. Your window cleaning service can help prevent accidents in the home by letting you know what repairs need to be made.
When you hire professionals to clean your windows, it's wise to go with a service that is licensed and insured. The experienced professionals at A-Plus Window Cleaning provide services for business and residential customers alike and have all the tools necessary to make your windows pristine.
To improve the health of your family and protect against allergens, pests, and more, contact their friendly representatives to set an appointment. Regular professional window cleaning can keep your home healthier year-round and give you great peace of mind while improving the life of your windows at the same time.